02 January 2020

Wi-Charge and Hansgrohe collaborated on producing a wirelessly-powered smart faucet.

″Hansgrohe and Wi-Charge are collaborating to bring unique smart bathroom products to the market.  Long-range wireless power is a critical component to smart-living products that engage the beauty of water without extensive bathroom renovation and re-tiling.″

Markus Armbruster, VP IT & Digital at Hansgrohe

Smart and touchless faucets need power, and such power is often provided by batteries. The Wi-Charge system provides never-ending power to the faucet, thus eliminating the need for replacing or recharging the batteries.

Since Wi-Charge delivers more power than what the faucet can consume from a battery, it is possible to add new functions to the faucet. In this particular case, a small color screen was added. This screen can be used to provide information or deliver advertising to the person using the faucet.

Wi-Charge receiver embedded inside faucet
Adding a screen is now possible because the faucet has additional energy
Hansgrohe faucet

Below is a short video demonstrating this faucet as well as several close-up images

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