02 January 2020

Wi-Charge demonstrated its long-range wireless power system embedded in a GOJO PURELL® hand sanitizer dispenser.

″Customers want hygiene stations that are always available. With long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge, we can ensure devices are continually operational even under high traffic use, without the risk of downtime. The ample power Wi-Charge provides gives us the ability to break through the capacity limits of batteries and bring powerful new IoT features to our customers.″

Joe Kanfer, Venturer at GOJO Industries.

Free-standing dispensers rely on batteries to operate. When a battery runs out, the user of the dispenser is no longer able to receive sanitizing lotion. Trying but not succeeding to get sanitizing lotion is both a disappointing customer experience event as well as potential lost revenue for the lotion manufacturer.

By equipping dispensers with Wi-Charge receivers, the dispenser is always ready and charged.

Purell hand-sanitizer dispenser
Integrated Wi-Charge power receiver

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