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Ortal Alpert, Wi-Charge CTO, will be presenting a plenary address at the Optical Wireless and Fiber Power Transmission Conference (OWPT) in Yokohama, Japan, in April 23rd, 2019. Come hear his presentation about “Wireless Power Delivery Solution by Invisible Infrared Light Beam – New Applications Open for Homes, Offices, Factories and Public Spaces”.



On May.1, 2019 at 12:30 EST, Join Ortal Alpert, chief technology officer and co-founder, and Yuval Boger, chief marketing officer, at Wi-Charge for a free and informative Webinar to discuss the performance and safety of wireless power technologies.

We will address questions such as:

  • How does Wi-Charge technology work?
  • What consumer certification and safety requirements are needed to bring long-range wireless power products to market?
  • Have there been studies about the effects of wireless power technologies on people?
  • How do OEMs determine which long-range wireless power technology is best for their product?

We will also take questions from the audience.

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Join us on May 21-23 in San Francisco for 23rd-annual CONNECTIONS™: The Premier Connected Home Conference .

The connected home has evolved from a high-end concept toward a mass-market opportunity with incredible revenue potential. Today several high-profile market disruptions are emerging as a result of broadband adoption, smartphone usage, and consumer expectations for connectivity solutions that provide a personalized experience.

Meet Wi-Charge, and see how our long-range wireless power technology is revolutionizing smart devices.