Cord Cutting 2.0

02 May 2019

Cord cutting usually refers to cable TV subscribers that are terminating their subscription and relying instead on Internet video. Basically, they are “cutting” the cable cord and instead of streaming content via WiFi.

Music has been cordless for quite a long time with WiFi streaming. Let’s call this ‘cord cutting 0.0’

Let’s also call cord-cutting of video channels ‘cord cutting 1.0’

What’s cord cutting 2.0? Wireless power. Receiving power without wires and from a distance is the next frontier in cord cutting. It enables smart speakers and screens (currently small screens) to be completely wire-free and receive both data and power cable-free. Why is this useful? Because it provides the ultimate flexibility with regards to where the device is being used and the ultimate convenience with regards to how to install it.

Here’s a demo of cable cutting 2.0 – making an Amazon Echo Dot or a Google Home Mini completely wire-free:

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