At Wi-Charge, we believe that life is better without wires. Now that most devices receive wireless data, isn’t it time they got wireless power as well?

Wi-Charge is the leader in long-range wireless power technology. WiFi eliminated the data cord, and Wi-Charge will eliminate most power cords. We provide a new way to power to smart, mobile and IoT devices, delivering more power than batteries and more freedom than power cords. Our patented light-based system is the only way of delivering several watts of power at room-sized distances while earning all required UL and government safety certifications. With Wi-Charge, devices appear to charge themselves without user intervention, cables or charging pads. 

Wi-Charge is the Future of Power.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the future of power: A future where power is delivered via light – safely and efficiently – from a distance and without wires. Where battery replacements, charging pads and power cords are a thing of the past. 

If we are the future of power, what is the current state of power? Today, power is delivered via batteries or via power cords. Batteries need to be replaced often, are an environmental concern, and severely limit the functionality of devices. Power cords, on the other hand, are limiting. They force the device to be tethered to a power outlet. 

Product designers are faced with two mediocre choices: use batteries and leave out great features, or use a power cord and tether the device to the wall.

We are on a mission to deliver a third way, a fresh and disruptive choice for power delivery: to eliminate the power cord, to free users of frequent recharging and to enable a new class of self-sufficient devices and sensors. By delivering the future of power, we will usher in new and magical user experiences. 


Remote wireless charging that is as widespread as WiFi in public spaces, offices and homes.

We envision remote, contact-free power delivery that is both safe and efficient in homes, offices and in public areas. We see smart, mobile and IoT devices seamlessly charge without having to plug a cable or carry a device to a charging pad.

Our technology enables amazing mobile devices that are finally free of the power cord. We will do to charging what the WiFi revolution did to Ethernet cables.

We will deliver freedom. Join us to deliver the future of power.


  • Victor Vaisleib

    Victor Vaisleib

    Chief Executive Officer
    Before joining Wi-Charge, Mr. Vaisleib served as Vice President and General Manager of the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Business Unit at PMC-Sierra (NASDAQ:PMCS).
  • Ori Mor

    Ori Mor

    Founder, VP Research & Development
    Prior to Wi-Charge, Mr. Mor was Founder and CEO of Appoxee Mobile Technologies, a leading SaaS mobile engagement platform (acquired by Teradata NYSE:TDC).
  • Ortal Alpert

    Ortal Alpert

    Founder, Chief Technology Officer
    Prior to founding Wi-Charge, Mr. Alpert was Founder and CTO of Mempile, an optical storage startup company. Before Mempile, Mr. Alpert was involved in the development of algorithms at ClickSoftware (NASDAQ: CKSW)
  • Yuval Boger

    Yuval Boger

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Mr. Boger has served as chief executive, chief marketer and evangelist for technology companies from seed stage to NASDAQ.