Charter House Innovations

01 January 2020

Wi-Charge and Charter House Innovations collaborated on the MagicBox, enabling customers of quick-service restaurants to skip the line and order food directly from their table, while also charging their mobile devices.

″Wireless power delivery is the missing piece that can make the MagicBox concept a reality in quick-service restaurants. We are particularly excited about the power, safety, and distance attributes of the Wi-Charge solution.″

Chuck Reid, President of Charter House Innovations.

Quick-service restaurants want to provide good customer experience, including charging solutions. It increases traffic and revenue, just like WiFi. It creates differentiation and builds its brand.

Many locations install charging spots (e.g. Qi pads, USB sockets). But today’s charging spots need to be wired. “Floating tables” (or those not next to a wall), don’t provide charging options. If you don’t grab a table by the wall, you can’t charge. Wi-Charge worked with Charter House Innovations to help customers skip the line, improve their experience and charge their mobile phones.

Wi-Charge power receiver
"Magic box" charging and tableside ordering
Cell phone being charged

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