CES Recap: Wi-Charge Partners with Six Leading Companies to Demonstrate The Limitless Possibilities of Long-Range Wireless Power

15 January 2020

Wi-Charge is starting 2020 off with significant momentum. We are very excited to have partnered with six leaders across the restaurant, retail, commercial restroom/sanitary supply, and smart home industries to showcase the ­­value and convenience of long-range wireless power with innovative product collaborations. We showcased these partners in last week’s CES show.

New Commercial Restroom/Sanitary Supply Product Collaborations: 

Hansgrohe touchless smart faucet: Hansgrohe is a leading sanitary fittings manufacturer. Hansgrohe is one of the world’s largest shower head, hand shower and tap suppliers. This Wi-Charge powered smart faucet cuts maintenance time and costs. In addition, the additional power that Wi-Charge delivers (relative to a battery-operated version), allowed the addition of an embedded screen to help wash hands correctly or to provide advertisement.
See this video of Hansgrohe product manager Julia Dold presenting this new product 
“Hansgrohe and Wi-Charge are collaborating to bring unique smart bathroom products to the market,” said Markus Armbruster, VP IT & Digital at Hansgrohe. “Long-range wireless power is a critical component to smart-living products that engage the beauty of water without extensive bathroom renovation and re-tiling.”

Sloan sensor flushometer: Sloan is the market leader for flush valve and other commercial plumbing products. This smart flush valve with an integrated Wi-Charge receiver lowers maintenance costs and enhances the customer experience.

“The commercial restroom of the future is technologically advanced — with always-on, connected devices that lower maintenance costs and give customers a consistently great experience,” said Jim Allen, President, and CEO of Sloan Valve. “Long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge will greatly simplify the installation, monitoring and maintenance of large-scale commercial restrooms.”

GOJO/PURELL® Hand Sanitizer automatic dispenser: Gojo (owner of the Purell brand) is the leader in sanitizing dispensers. This wirelessly powered automatic sanitizer dispenser never runs out of power and can be placed anywhere thanks to Wi-Charge.

“Customers want hygiene stations that are always available. With long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge, we can ensure devices are continually operational even under high traffic use, without the risk of downtime,” said Joe Kanfer, Venturer at GOJO Industries. “The ample power Wi-Charge provides gives us the ability to break through the capacity limits of batteries and bring powerful new IoT features to our customers.”

New Smart Home Product Collaboration

Alfred: Wi-Charge and Alfred have unveiled the first-ever mortise-class wirelessly-powered smart lock. The mortise lock is popular in both commercial and upmarket residential construction. With Wi-Charge, Alfred locks don’t need battery replacements and are always-on, meaning they’re always secure.

“Alfred believes that smart home security technology should not only be beautiful but also make life at home safer and easier. However, smart locks need energy to be truly smart,” said Brad Cook, Alfred. “Long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge enables us to create aesthetically designed smart locks, with exceptional functionality without the concerns of low power supply or safety reliability.”

New Retail Product Collaboration:

WiseShelf smart shelf: WiseShelf, a retail IoT innovator, integrated Wi-Charge technology into its powerful smart shelf product, which provides real-time visibility into stock levels on the shelf, and critical out-of-stock alerts. Wi-Charge enables these smart shelves to be always-on and installed easily without mass rewiring or labor costs.

“Retailers want a frictionless experience for their customers, and our smart on-shelf appliance delivers this by transforming retail shelves to IoT. We provide real-time out-of-stock alerts, advanced analytics and assistance in product positioning,” said Shalom Nakdimon, CEO of WiseShelf. “With long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge, our smart shelves can be deployed quickly and efficiently, without the costly and inconvenient power cable install.”

New Restaurant Product Collaboration:

Charter House Innovations MagicBox: The MagicBox by Charter House Innovations, a leading designer and manufacturer of custom seating and décor, is powered by Wi-Charge and enables customers of quick-service restaurants to skip the line and order food directly from their table, while also charging their mobile devices. Wi-Charge enables the MagicBox to be placed anywhere in a restaurant – bringing power and convenience to customers without complex wiring.

“Wireless power delivery is the missing piece that can make the MagicBox concept a reality in quick-service restaurants,” says Chuck Reid, President of Charter House Innovations. “We are particularly excited about the power, safety, and distance attributes of the Wi-Charge solution.”

We look forward to partnering with more leading OEMs to bring long-range wireless power to the market and magical experiences to consumers around the world.


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