Can public spaces benefit from Far-Field Wireless Charging?

30 May 2018

Qi chargers are becoming popular. Based on magnetic induction, they are compatible with new Apple and Samsung Phones. Carefully align the phone on the charger and charging starts.

One area of popularity is coffee shops, hotel lobbies, and other public spaces. Customers want to top off their phones while taking their coffee. They don’t want to look for power outlets. They don’t want to remember to bring charging cables with them.

Cafe owners also realize that charging stations promote customer loyalty and increase revenue. Qi chargers can integrate with desks or other surfaces. Thus, they don’t impact the look and feel of the space.

But if the charging pad powers the phone, what’s powering the charging pad?

At home, the solution is simple. Connect the pad to a power outlet and you’re done.

At a public space, this is more difficult. While some tables might be next to the wall, many tables might be far from power outlets. Connecting all tables to power can be expensive. Running cables on the floor might become a safety concern. Furthermore, a coffee shop might want to join or otherwise rearrange tables from time to time.

The solution? Far-field wireless charging. Qi pads can charge the phones. Far-field wireless charging can provide power to the Qi pads. No need to install cables. Tables can still be mobile.

Best of all, today’s phones are compatible with this solution. In time, we expect newer phones to embed far-field charging capabilities. For now, wireless-powered Qi pads are an excellent bridge from today to tomorrow.

Check out this 1-minute demo video to see how it works.

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