Can Charging a Phone be as Seamless as Receiving an email?

03 May 2018

Once upon a time, there was no email at all.

A few years later, you had to use a modem to dial in and check email. Remember AOL?

Now, it’s seamless. email just gets to your inbox. You

don’t have to think about fetching it.

Once upon a time, there were no mobile phones.

Then, your mobile phones appeared and you

had to plug them in once in a while.

Then, that ‘once a while’ became more frequent when smartphones arrived and needed more battery.

Then, Qi chargers arrived. You still have to find a charger, consciously place your phone on it – nicely aligned with the pad – and then leave it there to charge.

But what if wireless charging would be seamless? Charging that you don’t think about. Your phone seemingly charges on its own.

For this to happen, wireless power needs to meet two thresholds: power and distance. A meaningful amount of power that can actually charge a phone. Reasonable distance from an energy transmitter to the phone so that you don’t have to put your phone on a pad or mat to get it charged.

A couple of watts at a couple of meters. At Wi-Charge, we are there. Join us to make phone charging as seamless as receiving an email.

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