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Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, affordable and simple. The number of smart devices per home continues to rise. Smart devices such as smart thermostats are great but they need energy to operate.

Where does this energy come from? A common solution is to use a battery. Some devices – wireless security cameras, smart remotes – require the user to frequently recharge or replace batteries. Other devices such as smoke detectors need new batteries only every few years, but replacing them might be difficult because of their physical location.

Device manufacturers wish to minimize the frequency of battery replacements. One unfortunate way to do so is for them to limit the functionality of the devices. Some truly useful features never make it to the market because batteries don’t provide enough energy.

Is there a better way?

Powered shade
Wireless security camera
Smoke detector
"R1" Wi-Charger energy source
Surround speaker
Smart remote control
Smart thermostat
"R1" Wi-Charger energy source

Wi-Charge provides a unique solution for remote power delivery to smart home wireless devices. We eliminate battery replacement and support 24/7 operation with increased functionality.

The Wi-Charge wireless power transmitter plugs into a wall outlet or is installed as a light fixture. This transmitter uses safe invisible light to deliver power to a smart home device, each fitted with the small Wi-Charge power receiver.

With Wi-Charge, battery replacements and manual recharges are a thing of the past. User experience improves. Smart home device installations are simpler. For instance:

  • A smart door lock powered without wires or batteries can be smarter. It might have a video camera, or face and fingerprint recognition. It could communicate with the cloud and help owners open their doors remotely. Here’s a demo of a smart door lock powered by Wi-Charge:

  • A wireless security camera. Without power wires, the camera can now be located anywhere. No longer do you have to be close to a power outlet or worry about frequent battery changes.



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