battery-free, wire-free


Security systems help protect your home when you are away and also function as sensors for climate control systems.

But many security systems need batteries, and these batteries need to be replaced often. If sensors are wired, installation is expensive and sometimes (such as when renting an apartment) are prohibited. Advanced features like face recognition, video storage in the cloud and night vision require power, but battery-operated sensors don’t have the required power budget. As a result, many indoor security cameras are wired. Needing to be next to a power outlet is an installation constraint, not to mention that power cords are ugly.

Is there a better way?

"R1" Wi-Charger energy source
Control panel for home security system
Security camera
Smart lock

With Wi-Charge, wireless power delivers substantial benefits to security systems. With Wi-Charge, customers never need to replace batteries; sensors can be installed without expensive and ugly wiring. Given the newfound power, vendors can add advanced features to their sensors.

For instance, indoor security cameras can be powered or charged without wired from a Wi-Charge power source.  The camera can be installed in many room locations without regard to power outlets. The indoor camera becomes completely wire-free.

The combination of flexible installation location and wire-free operation allows the camera to blend much better into the environment. A single power source could often provide energy to additional devices.

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