delivering power to shelves and displays in


Retail environments are dynamic. Displays need to change. Whether it’s a popup display for the holidays, or a unique jewelry display, getting power to the display without disrupting retail operations is always a challenge.

The same is true for the modern retail shelf. Whether to power “smart shelf” functionality, to eliminate batteries in electronic shelf labels or power ‘endcap signs’, the shelf needs power. Routing power cables on the floor is a safety hazard and dropping them from the ceiling is expensive and ugly.

Is there a better way?

Wireless power can deliver on-demand power to retail shelves and displays. A Wi-Charge wireless power transmitter installed on the ceiling can deliver on-demand energy to static or mobile displays without the need to rip up the floor or go through an expensive electrical install. Stores can be reconfigured with ease and merchandise can be displayed in an even more appealing way.

Wi-Charger energy source
Smart shelf
Electronic shelf label (ESL)
Secure display for electronics

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