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The point of sale is no longer just where the cash register is. Tablets are becoming a popular point of sale. Table-side ordering, for instance, allows guests to order desert, to pay the bill or to entertain young guests at a table. A customer at a bar could order another drink, or check flight status at an airport.

But since many tables are not wired, there is a challenge in keeping these point of sale terminals on. One could install a large external battery, but that battery needs to be taken out, charged overnight and installed back every day.

Terminals are also mobile – carried by employees to the table, and roaming in a retail store. When such terminals exhaust their batteries, they need to be recharged, often at the most inconvenient times.

Is there a better way?

By integrating a Wi-Charge wireless receiver with the point of sale tablet, the tablet could remain on all the time without requiring a power connection to the table. No more maintenance and manual battery charging. Devices never need to be manually recharged as they will be charged automatically. In addition, vendors might also use wireless power to create a charging spot or other methods to keep their customers engaged and at the table.

Wi-Charger energy source
Tableside ordering terminal
Phone charging

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