Continuously top off your

Mobile Phone

If you had to pick one application as the ‘holy grail’ of wireless charging, mobile phones would probably be it.

Who hasn’t suffered from ‘low battery anxiety’, or frantically searched for a charging outlet at an airport.

Wi-Charge’s technology is uniquely positioned to charge mobile phones and we have demonstrated this publicly many times. IR technology can deliver watts of power (enough to charge a phone) to a small receiver at room-sized distances, all while keeping within consumer safety certifications.

Having said that, it may be that mobile phone charging might not be the first mass-market application of long-range wireless power. To be truly useful, one would need an abundance of “Wi-Chargers” installed in many public places: coffee shops, airports, office buildings, etc. It may be that applications, where the charged device stays in the one general location, will be adopted quicker.

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