powering the


Wireless sensors and devices reduce installation and maintenance costs in industrial applications. Moreover, using wired devices is sometimes simply impractical.

Today, state-of-the-art wireless industrial devices run on batteries. Battery lifetime is a major concern. Replacing batteries requires a constant effort. Even infrequent battery replacements increase maintenance costs. To prolong battery life, device manufacturers reduce power consumption. This sometimes results in reduced functionality.

Many sensors need to be mobile. Asset trackers, for instance, move with the asset being tracked. Barcode scanners move with the people that use them.

Is there a better way?

Wi-Charge technology offers remote power delivery to a variety of devices. It allows a significant reduction in installation and maintenance expenses. Wi-Charge also increases the available power for devices, allowing continuous operation without compromising functionality.

A battery-operated asset tracker
A sensor on a robotic arm
Battery-operated barcode scanner
A height-adjustable desk.
Even though the instantaneous power consumption is high,
the average power consumption is often within the capabilities of Wi-Charge



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