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Do you have “low battery anxiety”? Many of us worry that our smartphones will run out of battery. Thus, many people look for the nearest power outlet at coffee shops. A friend told me “I prefer to be on the last bar of the fuel in my car than on the last bar of power on my cell phone”.

Coffee shops want to provide good customer experience, including charging solutions. It increases traffic and revenue, just like WiFi. It creates differentiation and builds its brand.

Many locations install charging spots (e.g. Qi pads, USB sockets). But today’s charging spots need to be wired. “Floating tables” (or those not next to a wall), don’t provide charging options. If you don’t grab a table by the wall, you can’t charge.

Is there a better way?

Wi-Charger energy source
Phone charging


Wi-Charge offers a unique solution for public venues.

The Wi-Charge solution includes charging stations that can be placed on any free-standing tables. Overhead Wi-Charge transmitters deliver energy to the charging stations. These transmitters use safe invisible light and have regulatory approval.

Each charging station has a standard Qi pad and a USB socket. It can charge any smartphone without needing special accessories. It is compatible with most phones. It is easy to install and is maintenance-free.

With Wi-Charge, cafe owners offer their customers a unique service. Customers get their phones charged. Everyone is happy.

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