The Smart Home

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular, affordable and simple. Smart devices – thermostats, for instance – are great but they still need power.

A common solution is to use a battery. Efficient devices such as smoke detectors need new batteries only every few years. Yet other devices – wireless security cameras, smart remotes – require frequent battery replacements. As a result, device manufacturers limit the functionality of these devices to conserve power.

Is there a better way?

Wi-Charge provides a unique solution for remote power delivery to smart home wireless devices. We eliminate battery replacement and support 24/7 operation with increased functionality.

The Wi-Charge wireless power transmitter plugs into a wall outlet. Or, it is installed as a lighting fixture. This transmitter uses safe invisible light to deliver power to a smart home device. Each device has an embedded Wi-Charge power receiver.

Problem Solved

Battery changes are a thing of the past. User experience improves. Smart home device installations are simpler.

For instance:

A Smart Door Lock

A smart door lock powered without wires or batteries can be smarter. It might have a video camera, or face and fingerprint recognition. It could communicate with the cloud and help owners open their door remotely.





See a demo of a smart door lock powered by Wi-Charge:


A Wireless Security Camera

Without power wires, the camera can now be located anywhere. No longer do you have to be close to a power outlet or worry about frequent battery changes.


Additional applications