An Unfair Competitive Advantage

16 March 2020

Remember Trinitron? It was SONY’s unique CRT technology that produced images that were about 25% brighter than other television sets. They were visibly better, and customers immediately noticed.

More importantly, it allowed SONY to charge a healthy premium on their TVs for over 20 years, contributing to the company’s profits and market standing. This was so successful that in Masaru Ibuka, SONY’s President and co-founder said in 1992 (when he was 84 years old) that Trinitron was his proudest product. Nearly 300 million units were sold, helping establish SONY as a premium brand.

While there was nothing unfair about Trinitron – SONY worked long and hard to invent and perfect the technology – it produced a huge competitive advantage for SONY.

What will be your “unfair” competitive advantage? How will you differentiate your products in a global economy where talent and inexpensive manufacturing are everywhere?

Wireless power could be that advantage. If competing products in your market require frequent battery replacement or expensive wiring wireless power could be that unique edge. If you have features that others cannot implement because their batteries are handcuffing their engineers, your customers will notice.

What’s required to achieve this unfair advantage? Two things: a visionary executive that can imagine a future without batteries, and patented technology that can safely and efficiently deliver power over distance.


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