Alfred Locks

01 January 2020

Wi-Charge and Alfred unveiled the first-ever mortise-class wirelessly-powered smart lock at CES 2020. The mortise lock–popular in both commercial and upmarket residential construction–is made by Alfred and is powered using the Wi-Charge patented long-range wireless power technology.

″Alfred believes that smart home security technology should not only be beautiful but also make life at home safer and easier. However, smart locks need energy to be truly smart. Long-range wireless power from Wi-Charge enables us to create aesthetically designed smart locks, with exceptional functionality without the concerns of low power supply or safety reliability.″

Brad Cook, Alfred Locks

Smart locks need batteries, and these batteries need to be replaced often. It’s difficult to wire the door to get wired electricity to a lock. advanced features like face recognition, video storage in the cloud and night vision require power and are often left out because of power constraints.

The Wi-Charged Alfred lock receives power from a distance. The result is a lock that does not require users to replace or recharge batteries and can implement advanced features.

Wi-Charge receiver embedded in the lock
Alfred Locks Mortise-class lock

Here are some photos as well as a third-party review from CES 2020:


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