Airbnb and Wireless Power

07 November 2019

Airbnb offers new options for travelers and new income streams for property owners. At the same time, the property owner often does not have the maintenance staff that a hotel has and might also be far from the property.

A popular solution for property owners are smart locks, and some smart locks are focusing their marketing on Airbnb property owners. A smart lock allows keyless access to the property – so no lockbox or physical delivery of a key is necessary. With the right lock, a property owner can change quickly the access code after each guest leaves, monitor whether the door is open or not, lock or unlock it remotely.

But smart locks require batteries and owners find that these batteries run out more often than they wish. Once a battery runs out, a smart lock becomes a dumb lock. The guest might not be able to access the property and there might not be an easy solution to unlock the door without a physical visit by the owner. The result: lost revenue, guest frustration, and bad Airbnb reviews.

Wireless power can help. By installing a small power source and the right type of smart lock, the lock can receive never-ending energy and thus batteries never run out. Moreover, forward-thinking lock manufacturers can enhance the lock to add two-way audio, outward-facing camera, cellular connectivity and more.

Unlike a smart home environment where the decision to purchase a smart lock might be attached to convenience, an always-on smart lock is tied to the income received by the property owner.

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