15 Critical Measurements for Power Beaming

01 July 2019

Dr. Paul Jaffe is a researcher at the US Naval Research lab and a friend of this blog. We hosted him in a recent podcast about power beaming into space that you can experience here.

He put together a presentation outlining 15 measurements that he believes are critical to compare power beaming links. He writes:

  • Historically, power beaming link documentation has not always included all the pertinent information for meaningful comparisons
  • The 15 critical measurements outlined herein form a basis for allowing for useful comparisons between power beaming systems
  • Many derived quantities of interest can be calculated from the 15 measurements

As we’ve written before, we agree that there should be more transparency, more than just marketing statements, and actual specifications of wireless links. If a company does not specify, for instance, how much power a device can receive with their technologies, what are they hiding?

You can download this new white paper here



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